3D Immersive Data Visualisation

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Datascape provides an easy to use immersive 3D environment in which you can visualise and interact with data from almost any source, from financial Excel spreadsheets to live social media feeds. The 3D environment significantly increases the amount of information that can be sensibly displayed, and the sense of immersion provide spatial cues which helps you in maintaining orientation and identifying trends, clusters and anomalies with the data.

Datascape is designed to maximise human analysis by optimising the display of data, whether structured or unstructured, enabling you to take up a wide variety of viewpoints from both inside and outside the data. It is not an automated analysis tool – although it can be used to visualise the outputs of such tools. Our aim is to provide an application which will deliver benefit on any ordinary computing device with reasonable graphics capability, you do not need special display technology (although technology such as the Oculus Rift can be used with Datascape).

The net result is a better understanding and analysis of your data, better decision making, and improved recall.

Key Features

Using Datascape you can:

  • Import data from a wide variety of data sources, with native support for CSV/Excel and SQL and access to XML, JSON and sources coming soon, or through ETL tools such as Kettle
  • Import data from web services such as RSS, Twitter and other feeds and real-time data
  • Visualise and interact with over 15 million data points
  • Dynamically map and re-map data parameters onto plot features – with over a dozen features being available per plot point
  • Plot multiple datasets in the same subjective space
  • Filter, group, and highlight data
  • Plot geospatial and temporal data with time-on-a-stick
  • “Scrub” data through a dynamic filter window
  • Use with ordinary PC displays.
  • Use with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (from V2.1 - Sept 16), other VR headsets to follow.

Datascape 2.0

Datascape 2.0 (launched 10 Aug 16) is a complete rebuild of Datascape 1, emphasising power and ease of use. Whilst Datascape 1 was built using the Unity 3D game engine and was limited to around 100,000 data points Datascape 2 allows you to plot and interact with over 15 million data points on screen. Since Datascape 2 is a pure Windows application it also means that the user interface is far more business friendly, and should be a lot easier to use.

Datascape Support

Datascape support is available through:

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