Datascape - Technical Specification

The digital nuts and bolts...

The technical specification for Datascape 2.0 is:

Features List – Data Management:

  • Import data directly from Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files or Excel
  • Import from OpenOffice through CSV files
  • Use XCOPY to copy data tables from other databases, eg MS SQL, Oracle etc
  • Use ODBC to directly inject data into the database (eg for live feeds and GPS)
  • Integrates Datascape with Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Tools (eg for XML or Big Data)
  • MongoDB integration
  • Import network/social graphs as node and edges files/tables
  • Load custom images for use in Datascape panels and markers
  • Rename and delete datasets and workspaces
  • Export (text and XML) and import (XML) data mapping definitions
  • Create, save and rename workspaces and data mappings

Features List - Scenery/Environment:

  • 1D (bar) or 2D (panel) axes, or spherical (for globe maps)
  • Set axis ranges and change axis size and position
  • Assign and rotate image or URL to panels (e.g. for maps and schematics)
  • Assign map system to panels (OpenStreetMap free, Google Maps with additional licence)
  • Change colour and image for ground and sky
  • Add reference markers on horizon to help maintain orientation

Features List – Visual Analysis:

  • Plot over 10 millions entities (all interactable)
  • Assign data fields to: X/Y/Z co-ordinates, colour, shape, size (X/Y.Z), rotation (X/Y/Z), image, label, axis labels (X/Y/Z), web link
  • Create translation tables to map data values to colours, shapes and texture, with auto-fill
  • Full SQL function library to create complex mappings involving multiple data fields
  • Data assist to help choose fields and use common functions
  • Field and feature value preview to assist in mapping creation
  • Search, filter and group data by any data field
  • Show/hide/select/activate individual data sets and groups
  • Manual grouping of items
  • Specify colour, shape and size over-rides for new groups
  • Adjust degree of 3D effect or flatten to 2D
  • Manually scrub through any parameter
  • Generate network lines to join points
  • Context menu for facet/boolean search or click-through to URL
  • Apply force graphs to network/social graphs - V2.2
  • Auto-refresh for live data feeds, with pause and variable update time - V2.2
  • Auto-tagging of new live data - V2.2

Features List - View Control

  • Full freedom of camera movement and direction
  • Lock camera to any axis
  • Rotate camera around any data point
  • Switch between perspective and orthographic camera views
  • Save camera position/direction as bookmarks
  • Save screenshots as .png image files

Licence Options:

Datascape is available with a 30-day trial licence, with full functionality. Paid licences start at £49+VAT - see our Pricing Page for details. Volume discounts, site and enterprise discounts are available.

Supporting Services:

Daden can also provide on and off-site training, integration and on or off-site analysis support, creating workspaces, mappings and visualisations for use by your staff as required.

Please contact us for details

System Requirements

Datascape runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (XP may be available on request). The recommended (minimum) specification is 3GHz Quad core (2GHz Duo core), 4 GB (2.5GB), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB (ATI Radeon® HD 4570, 512MB ).Microsoft .Net 4.0

Database Requirements

Datascape 2XL uses a SQLite database for its own internal data management which is installed as part of the main installer. We can do custom builds for other databases.