VR Product Catalogue

So real they'll try and touch them...

For more information:

If you manufacture products or curate 3D objects then a virtual reality product catalogue is an ideal way to let users see and interact with that product in 3D. They can turn the object all around, activate animations and read or hear text and audio descriptions of the features, advantages and benefits of the object. 

The way that the object just hangs in space in front of them nearly always provides an instant "wow" moment, and we have seen more than a few users reach out to try and touch the virtual object that appears to be floating in front of them.

The 3D models can be developed to any size and level of detail, and we can support as many different objects in  a catalogue as budget and target smartphone memory will allow.  We can readily add audio and video to explain the objects, and link each object to a web page on your on-line catalogue or shop.  The app is published through Apple's App Store or the Android Play Store, for download to a user's smartphone, and can be used with or without a Google Cardboard headset (although the experience is far more "wow" with one!).

Cost and time depends on the number of objects and their complexity, but our standard 3D Catalogue template can minimise the time and costs if you need something quickly and cheaply as a first step into the world of VR. A typical 3D catalogue app may take 2-4 months to develop, depending primarily on the number of objects and supporting multi-media material, and start at around £6,000. 

Key Features and Use Cases

The table below summarises the key feature of an explorer app, and highlights the uses cases it is best suited for, and where another VR app may be more appropriate.

What is it?Create a 3D digital model of an object and then let the user look "around" the object in 3D. So whilst the Photosphere is about looking out from a central point the 3D object explorer is about looking in at a central point/object. Could use a photosphere as a backdrop to provide some context.

Get an all round view of the object
Relate to real size/mass through reference points (e.g. ruler)
Can link multiple objects together to create a 3D catalogue.
Can include animation of the object and "exploded view" type models to show detail and workings

Need to create 3D model - either by handbuilding (if want animation etc) or by photogrammetry or LIDAR scanning
Don't fully see context
Can't really "use" the object

Use CasesManufacturers product catalogue
Museum or gallery 3D artefacts catalogue
Science visualisations


We can provide the following options to create an even richer 3D Product Catalogue solution:

  • Source branded Cardboard headsets from around £5 each depending on quantity (or you can just print your own labels!)
  • In-app links to virtual environments to see the 3D objects in-situ

Next Steps

If you'd like to talk to us about how your organisation could use a VR Product Catalogue application to promote your brand or educate and inform your users then give us a call on 0121 250 5678, or email us at sales@daden.co.uk, or use our contact form.