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Trainingscapes lets you create learning and training exercises for employees, customers and other learners which put them in a relevant location so that they better understand the context of what they are learning, and use the rich visual and navigation cues help them to better remember what they learn.

Trainingscapes can be applied to almost any sort of training. Over the last decade we've delivered 3D immersive learning exercises covering disaster management, hospital procedures, home care, workplace psychology, employment training, customer services training, basic skills, laboratory equipment skills and even accounting and finance!

The key to Trainingscapes is that we have separated the technically challenging task of 3D location building from the pedagocically creative task of exercise creation. We expect very few trainers to have the skills to create 3D locations, but 3D artists are easy to hire in (and we can always help!), and once a location is published on Trainingscape almost any of your tutors should be able to use the 3D editor to drag-and-drop objects (we call them props) around the location, and use our forms-based PIVOTE virtual learning authoring system to create rich and diverse training experiences.

Once an exercise is created a trainer can assign it to a class or cohort of students (be they employees, customers or other learners), and the students can potentially access the exercise from smartphones and tablets as well as from a PC or Mac. The environment has been created to be as safe as possible for students, and for corporate IP, so trainers can define what avatars they can use, what exercises they can access, and in multi-user mode the students will only see the students from their own class/cohort.

By immersing your students in their learning you can give them the chance to  better understand context, to develop more agile approaches (this is a long way from a tick-box eLearning exercise), and to achieve better recall and attainment when it comes to  practically applying the knowledge and skills they have learnt.

Flying Hoops

Flying Hoops

Create aerial hoops to help guide students on flying tours!

Fixed Viewpoints

Fixed Viewpoints

Define fixed viewpoint camera to let students view locations from different places without having to fly there!

The Trainingscapes System

This diagram summarises the principal components and operation of the Trainingscapes system.

The key components are:

  • eLearning teams (or their subcontractors) can create locations (and props) which can be uploaded onto the Trainingscapes system, and by default shared with all other users in the organisation

  • Almost any trainer or subject-matter-expert can then use the Trainingscapes authoring tool to create and share exercises, or customise exercises shared by others. Trainers can then assign exercises to classes and students/employees. Student details can be uploaded from a VLE/LMS.


  • Students access the service through a downloadable PC, Mac, iOS or Android application. When they log in they are presented with their assignment list and can then work through the exercises that they have been given. They can optionally use a VR headset such as Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. Exercises can be completed in single user or multi-user mode, as determined by the trainer.


  • All student exercise data is made available to the trainer, and can be exported to a VLE or LMS to provide rich learner analytics.

  • The central Trainingscape server can be hosted either on the cloud, or on your corporate internet or intranet servers. 

  • The application is branded to your organisation - neither the Daden or Trainingscapes brand needs be visible

You can learn far more about the whole Trainingscapes system by visiting the Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes Wiki (Fieldscapes is just the name of the education version - the core functionality is identical), viewing the Features List, or watching our video demos.

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