Consulting and Bespoke Development

Although our main work is around 3D immersive environments and VR for training and education, and around chatbots and conversational AI we often find ourselves doing bespoke projects in equally interesting areas of technology, or providing consultancy related to our areas of expertise, including broader emerging technology areas. We can also provide UK security cleared staff if that is needed for the project. If you have a need for our depth and breadth of knowledge on a proof-of-concept or research project that is just that bit different from your usual then do get in touch. Some of our previous bespoke projects are listed below.


Datascape - 3D/VR Data Visualisation

3D/VR Development

Datascape is the name we give to our now 3 generations of experimentation of the use of immersive 3D and VR environments for visual analytics. You can read about our approach in our White Paper, and see examples of our visualisations (some of which have live links to WebGL in browser demos) on our gallery page. Get in touch if you have some data that you'd like to experience in a whole new way.

CRiB - filming.jpg

CRiB - Crowd Reslience through iBeacons

Mobile Development

As part of a Defence and Security Accelerator project run by K Sharp Limited we were asked to build a mobile application which would demonstrate how a combination of GPS and iBeacon technology could be used to alert the public and keep them  informed during a major incident (e.g. active shooter or bomb threat).


Six Hats - A Relexive Planning Prototype

Conversational AI

During the Summer of 2018 the MOD ran a "summer project" inviting companies to bid for month long pieces of work to explore ideas of the future around the theme of Future Fictions/Future Tools. We were lucky enough to win one of the awards and developed a conversational AI system based around Edward De Bono's 6 Hats model to let users explore an idea and to take perspectives that they might not otherwise have thought of. We are now talking to MOD about next steps, the app will anyway feature in their Museum of the Future,  but may also create a commercial version. Read the 6 Hats blog post.


Second Life and OpenSim

Virtual Worlds

From around 2006 to 2012 we did a large number of training, education and engagement projects in the Second Life and OpenSim virtual worlds. For a lot of us these environments provided the ground work to understand what does and what does not work in immersive 3D and VR - lessons which many people seem to be re-learning from scratch in VR. We've published a picture book that gives you an idea of the range of projects that we did in SL/OS and you can view it for free.