Video Demos

The following are a selection of video demos of the Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes systems - including overviews, editor tutorials and exercise walkthroughs. We add new videos every month to our YouTube playlist so please check the playlist out for the full set.

Go to our Case Studies page for video walkthroughs of some of our previous immersive training exercises and applications.

Introduction to the Editor

A short video to show how easy it is to create simple lessons with the Trainingscapes Editor.  

Trainingscapes Android App

The Trainingscapes Android app means that staff can complete training exercises on location, on the bus or train, in a cafe or even on the sofa! 

In-World Images

Putting images onto almost any prop surface - use for display boards, labels, notices, simulated computer displays, forms etc 

Using Variables

Using variables in an exercise to provide a score or control exercise flow and logic.

Free Trial Access

As an trainer you can get free trial access to Trainingscapes so you can try out some example exercises and even start to create your own in order to see how easy the 3D editor is to use. Just follow the sign-up link, create an account, and then download and install the Trainingscapes application and log in. (Note: Currently links to Fieldscapes, but functionality is the same).

  • Read the step-by-step register and download guide on the wiki

  • Go to the Registration page

  • Go to the Download page

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