( We've resisted the temptation to call it Heritagescapes -  so far... )

We recognise that the requirements that Heritage organisations have for 3D/VR experiences are slightly different from those of corporate trainers or school or college educators. You need to get public users as quickly into the experience as you can, minimising any sign-up and download, signposting them directly to the experience they want, and then giving them a totally self-managed experience.

Our Heritage edition of Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes does just that. It's the same authoring and delivery system as Trainingscapes (so intuitive and easy to use, and delivering content to PC/Mac, tablets and phones (iOS and Android), but the sign-up and experience selection process has been streamlined and optimised for public use.

And being Trainingscapes means that you can create your own experiences, and continually modify and add to them over time as you want to tell different stories about your site, or incorporate new findings.

As described in our Engagement page we can support you at whatever level you want, from doing a whole first project and providing training, through training support whilst you use your own people to create 3D assets and do the bulk of the coding, to just providing you with a licence and letting you get on with it.


We also offer two deployment options - either a space on our shared, hosted platform (where users choose your brand/site from a directory to enter your experiences, ideal for smaller organisations), or a dedicated locally or cloud hosted instance of the system where the users only ever see your brand (ideal for larger heritaage organisations with multiple sites).

If you'd like to know more or request a demo then please get in touch.

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