Immersive Learning, Training and Collaboration

Immersive 3D/VR environments let you create and share immersive training exercises and collaborative locations throughout your organisation. Users can access the spaces from almost anywhere in the world, but then learn and collaborate as though in the same space. This goes way beyond a Zoom type call, as users have agency in the space, develop virtual muscle memory as they navigate around and explore the space or process/data representation, and can naturally break out into different groups if required. And if you really want your webcam view then most environments let you bring that in too! Users can access these spaces from their PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet, and if they have a VR headset they can use that too. 

Alternative Approaches

So how does immersive learning compare to other more traditional learning and training approaches?

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Physical Training

Physical training is the "gold standard" but it can be costly and time consuming to set up, is not available 24/7, can be inconsistent from course to course (or even hour to hour), and it can be just too dangerous to practice the real thing.



eLearning has become the quick-and-easy over the last decade. But is typically has low engagement, limits users options and sense of agency and can degenerate into a box-ticking exercise. There is also no real sense of context, and none of the visual and audio cues that can help in later recall.



Whilst video can bring some of the benefits of physical training into the classroom it can be timely and costly to create - and then once you have it you are stuck with it as even minor changes can be next to impossible.  You can build in some interactivity, but this is typically limited to a few menu choices, so again agency and engagement can be low.

Immersive Learning

In comparison 3D immersive and VR based learning and training provides:

Context and Agency

Provide learners with full context and a high degree of agency, so they better understand and feel more engaged.


By generating all imagery on the fly, and with Trainingscapes providing an easy-to-use authoring tool you can update and change content as often as you wish.

Repeatability &  Consistency

Delivers the same training, hour after hour, course after course - if that is what you want and need.


The drag-and-drop editor and code-free authoring means that you can create a wide variety of training exercises quickly and cheaply.

Anytime, Anywhere

Users can access the content from almost any device, at any time of the day (or night) and from anywhere.


Immersive learning provides a safe environment within which to make mistakes - whether it's in inter-personal skills or dealing with dangerous equipment or situations.

Mastery thru Repetition

Users can repeat exercises instantly, and explore multiple options and pathways, and be exposed to extreme edge cases to gain mastery.


Almost every action can be tracked, providing unparalleled learning and training analytics which can be passed back  to your LMS or VLE.

Of course it's not an either/or - but ideally all four approaches (and others) should be used as part of a blended, and personalised, approach to learning and training. Check out this infographic for a summary (download a PDF version)

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Video Demos

Video is a good way to get an idea of how  3D immersive environments works, and what an immersive training project can be like - although you won't experience the agency or freedom that an exercise can typically offer. Note: Many of these videos reference our previous Fieldscapes and Trainingscapes products which are no longer available.


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Just get in touch if you'd like to know more about how we can help you better understand the immersive 3D/VR space, how to choose suppliers, technologies and platforms,  and how it could help your organisation.