Engagement Models

One of the biggest issues that we find clients have with immersive 3D/VR training projects is that they've never done one before. This means that not only don't they know exactly how its going to work for them and their staff, but they do not even know the language, or what is hard  and costly to do and what is cheap and easy!

In order to help companies through their first immersive 3D/VR project, but also to deliver in a highly cost effective way for more experienced clients, Daden offers a variety of engagement models. The most common models are shown below, but we can talk with you to identify the best approach for your project. In all of them the key elements are:

  • Who does the learning design?

  • Who does the exercise design?

  • Who builds the 3D assets (environment, props and avatars)

  • Who provides any computers or VR headsets if required (or can you hire them?)

  • Who authors the initial exercises?

  • Who manages the iterative testing and refinement?

  • Who authors future exercises?

At a technical level there are also options about whether you access Trainingscapes:

  • As a cloud service, alongside  other brands

  • As a cloud service, with only your brand visible

  • As a cloud service on a dedicated instance

  • On a dedicated instance running on your own servers in the cloud or on your intranet

Again we can talk through the options and cost implications with you as part of the initial discussions.


Full Service

Based on a training needs analysis (although we can even do that too if you want), Daden can work up a learning design that defines how the training will be approached, and then with that agreed work up the exercise design. We have a variety of models that we use to support this task - see our Immersive Learning White Paper. We will then build the 3D assets and author the exercise, and complete iterative testing with a group of your trainees. We will also provide your training or eLearning staff with alongsider and formal training in how to author exercises in Trainingscapes. Once everyone is happy we will hand the system over to you to use and further develop as you see fit, and we can also run an exercise evaluation (using independent evaluators) if required. We will work closely with you and your subject matter experts every step of the way, get appropriate sign-offs and key milestones - and even hold planning and progress meetings in the virtual training environment!



This is probably our most common model. You've already completed the TNA and have some idea of the learning design. We can work with you to refine the learning design and then jointly create the exercise design (flow charts are a good place to to start). From that we'll identify the 3D assets needed and get those built, and author the basic exercise. We'll then collaboratively and iteratively work up the detail of the exercise, seeing everything as the student will see it. As we work together we'll train you up on how to author in Trainingscapes, and by the end of the first, or perhaps second, exercise you'll be comfortable to take on the rest of the exercise authoring yourself. As you test and refine with users we'll fade into the background, and leave you to use the plaform as you wish.


Licence Only

If you're confident with what you want to do in immersive 3D/VR then quite honestly we're more than happy to just issue you licences for the system and let you get on with it. Our white papers can help guide you on the learning and exercise design, and our tutorials and wiki can guide you through the authoring process. You can use your own staff or contractors (or students) to create the 3D assets you need and import them into Trainingscapes, and then author the exercises you need and deploy them to students. We'll just focus on keeping the service running, improving the system and helping you out with any issues you encounter or help and advice that you need!

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