Trainingscapes Feature List

This is a summary of the key features of Trainingscapes system.

- Learner Experience
  • Choice of avatars: Author can lock avatar for specific avatars (e.g. in space suit!)

  • Single-user Mode: Each student has their own instance of the scenario. Highly scalable, almost limitless number of students in an exercise

  • Multi-user Mode:  Up to around 50 students in one space at any one time

  • Change between first and third person modes

  • Selfie mode (unless disabled by author)

  • Supports branching and string-of-pearls type exercise flows

  • Supports scavenger hunt type exercises to identify equipment and locations

  • Supports exploration type exercises to develop general familiarisation

  • Supports timed exercises to rehearse evacuation and escape exercises

  • Supports task training for individual and group tasks

  • Author defined navigation and display menu to help guide students

  • Author define task menu to provide manual or automatic task list

  • Author enabled map, compass and birds-eye camera

  • Highlight key site features (eg equipment, exits)

  • Non-player characters (NPC) for site realism

  • Interact with NPCs as part of tasks and to question about tasks

  • Animate objects and equipments

  • Show workings at any level of detail (even molecular!)

  • Model vehicles, lifts, cranes and other moving objects

  • Identify and enforce 2 or 3 person tasks

  • In-world text chat for multi-user communication

  • In-world voice multi-user communication

  • List other on-line users (from own class only)

  • Fade or hide other student avatars (to avoid them getting in the way).

  • Day/Night and other environment settings

  • Lighting control

  • Model areas of up to 10km x 10km and beyond

  • Access from PC, Mac, iOS and Android (smartphone or tablet), or Surface

  • Access from Oculus Go, or Rift (other VR headsets to follow)

In addition tutors/teachers have an additional menu which lets them:

  • Recall all students to in front of the tutor's current location

  • Lock all student locations so they can't move (usually used after the above)

  • Mute student text and voice chat

  • Eject specific students

- Authoring Tool
  • Run on PC or Mac

  • Can run in standalone mode (i.e. away from Internet when on train/plane etc)

  • Can clone existing exercises and edit them, or start from scratch

  • No syntax required, all based around forms and drop-downs

  • Import location and prop/object models from almost any 3D format into Trainingscapes via Unity3D

  • Group props by inventories for easy management

  • Fully WYSIWYG editor

  • Drag and drop props from inventory into world and then move/lift/rotate to desired location

  • "Go to prop" and "bring prop to me" functions

  • Group props for easy management

  • Fine prop placement control and XYZ guidelines

  • Props follow terrain by default (no losing things under hills)

  • Set props as visible/invisible and active/non-active at start

  • Click on prop to define interactivity

  • Every prop can have different responses to user interactions of being clicked on, collided with or detecting user

  • Stack as many actions as you want per prop - effecting any part of the system

  • Over 30 action types effecting every part of the exercise

  • Set rules against actions to create conditional actions

  • Define variables and set, modify, display and act on them

  • Show images, play audio and video and access live web pages all from in-world

  • Define lighting, Day/Night, skybox and other environment settings

  • Create multiple-choice forms for quizzes or scenario options

  • Set timers for time-driven activities

  • Create cameras to give users specific views

  • Create teleports to move users around an area

  • Enable or disable user flying

  • Control NPC avatars

  • Link text-chat to chatbot applications for detailed NPC interaction

  • Selection of Widgets to provide enhanced functionality including: tape measure, generic meter, inclinometer etc

  • Plot external data with the data-plotting widget

  • Lock available avatars for the scenario

- Management Tool
  • Create and import student lists

  • Create assignments linking students with exercises

  • Set exercises as single or multi-user

  • Capture, view and export key analytics from the exercises against each student (e.g. score, tasks done, fatal errors etc)

  • Optional xAPI integration to link Trainingscapes to your LMS/VLE.

Visit the Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes Wiki for far more detail.

Trainingscapes Technical Requirements

This is a summary of the technical requirements of Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes systems.

- PC/Mac Client
Any modern PC should be fine, i.e. Intel i3 with integrated graphics. The more powerful the PC/graphics card the smoother the experience and the more detail can be shown. Any Mac from the last 3 years or so will also be fine.  Trainingscapes has also been proven to work well on Windows Surface.

We recommend the following minimum specification for running Fieldscapes:

  • Operating System: Only Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported

  • Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent, around 1.5GHz

  • Memory: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)

  • Graphics: A modern integrated graphics chip should be OK (esp Intel 5500+) , but ideally you want an dedicated graphics card (e.g. GeForce500 series)

  • Hard Disk: Only takes up about 1GB including content

  • Screen Resolution: Default is 1366 x 768 but use SHIFT when launching g to change to a higher rez.

- Mobile Client
Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes is available on the Android Play Store and Apple iStore for mobile clients. As with a PC the better your phones processor and screen the smoother the experience will be. Mmeory is also a key issue for phones and we suggest at least 8GB of base memory.
- Server (if locally hosting)
If you intend to host Trainingscapes locally then please ask us for a suitable server specification.

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