Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes Pricing

Depending on the deployment mode we charge for Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes in a variety of different ways. The aim in every case is to enable you to get started with immersive 3D/VR training and learning at the lowest price-point possible, and with minial risk.

The following is a guide to the different models, but please contact us for detailed pricing.

Shared Cloud Hosting

The cheapest way to get started is on our existing Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes cloud servers. We only charge a basic set-up fee (from £500) and then a per annum charge based on either the number of learner accounts (starting from around £20 per learner but reducing to under £5 per user for volume), or the number of user sessions (starting from £1 a session/exercise). Note that neither model is based on the number of different exercises you have - you can create as many exercises as you want.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

We can set up a dedicated instance of Trainingscapes or Fieldscapes for you on our cloud servers in order to provide complete isolation and control of your data. You also then have the option to resell user/learner accounts to your own clients. There is a set-up cost (starting at £2000), an annual standing support and maintenance charge (also starting at £2000), and then a monthly fee based on the number of exercise sessions.

Client Hosted

If you want to host Trainingscapes on your own servers for performance, security and IP reasons then we can develop a bespoke package for you, including set-up and annual support, and an annual usage fee. Please contact us for details.

Exercise Development

As outline in our Engagement Model we can offer a full exercise design and build service, and even learning requirements capture if required. We find that project costs can range from as low as £5k to over £50k - it all depends on the scope and complexity. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote - but remember this is purely optional, there is nothing to stop you just creating your own exercises.


We think (in fact know) that Trainingscapes is intuitive enough that you can teach yourself how to use it from the tutorial videos, worksheets and content on the Wiki, but if you would like some more formal training then training courses are available. We suggest a one-day introduction, followed up a week or so later by a further day of more advanced training, and then a final master-class type session after another week. Classes can be held on your premises, at our offices in Birmingham or at any other suitable location. Delegate rates are £400 per day, excluding any venue costs (except Birmingham) or equipment hire. Please contact us for details.


Our standard Trainingscapes licence comes with Monday-Friday, UK working hours email and phone based support. We can quote for extended support on request.


VAT will be added to all costs at the applicable rate. 

Demo/Trial Account

If you'd like a live demonstration of Trainingscapes, or to sign-up for a free demo account* which will let you create and play through training exercises then please just email us at or fill out the contact form on the button below.

*Demo accounts limited to 3 months and for feature testing only

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