Trial Version

So that you can get an idea of how Trainingscapes works - both as a student and a trainer we have set up a trial sandbox version. (NOTE: This is currently hosted on the Fieldscapes service, but will be moved to a separate service shortly. As a result a lot of the content you see initially will be educational rather than professional/occupational training).


To access this:


  • Follow the sign-up link and create an account.


  • Download the Fieldscapes application. The download is about 100MB and currently for PC only. Mac, iOS and Android versions to follow.


  • Install the Fieldscapes application on your PC.

  • Log in with your Fieldscapes account.

  • Start exploring exercises and creating your own!

Full information on  how to use Trainingscapes/Fieldscapes is on the Fieldscapes Wiki and in our YouTube Tutorials.

Note that once one trainer from your organisation creates an account they can send an invite code to other trainers in the organisation so that all can share the same exercises and the same student. See the Wiki for details.

You can also create groups to share exercises between teams, departments or sites, but without making them available to everyone in the organisation.


Trainingscapes Licensing & Pricing

Training scapes is priced and licensed on the following basis:

​Service Set-Up

There is an initial cost to set the service up - setting up your own instance of Trainingscapes and adding your branding. There is an additional charge if you want the service set up on your own servers rather than on our cloud hosted environment,

Service set-up starts from as low as £1500+VAT

As part of the set-up you can also take advantage of our initial 3D asset and exercise creation services and training packages - see below.

Service Operation

In operation there is:

  • A fixed licence for you to operate the service, based on the level of support you require

  • A monthly (or annualised) usage fee based on the number of student accounts you have, and if you are operating on our servers, the level of usage of those accounts.

Operating fees start from as low as £1000 for the licence fee, and student account fees range from under £100 per annum for 10s of students to under £10 for 1000s of students.

All fees are independent of the number of exercises on the system, or the  number of locations using the system.


  1. Location and Exercise file storage is subject to an Acceptable Use Policy. Excess plans for very heavy users are available.

  2. All licences are per organisation. There is no limit to how many installs you can have of any Trainingscapes application. 

  3. Licence charges are based on the maximum allowable number of student user accounts, and are charged annually in advance. There is no discount for any allocation not used, and allocations cannot be reduced mid-year except in exceptional circumstances.

  4. Read the full Licence text.

Training and Exercise Design Packages

Daden can offer a variety of consultancy and training packages to support you in your use of Trainingscapes including:

  • Remote training over Skype or Web Conferencing from £200+VAT per attendee for a 2 hour session.

  • 1/2d and full-day on site training courses at Daden or your location, from £400+VAT per delegate per half-day (excludes travel and venue costs)

  • Exercise design and based on existing locations and props from £500+VAT per day - typically 3 - 5 days.

  • New location build costs are typically £5000-£10000+VAT, depending on size, complexity and detail

  • New object/prop sets are typically around £200 - £500 +VAT per object.

We can custom design the training and consultancy packages to meet your needs, with longer engagements as required.


Please contact us for more details.

Extended Service Support


Our standard Bronze support hours are 0900-1700 UK Time, Monday to Friday. We can also offer Silver support covering 0700-2100, and Gold support offering 24/7 coverage. Please contact us for details.