Virtual Reality and Photospheres
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Fieldscapes and FieldscapesVR
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Daden are specialists in developing immersive 3D applications for marketing, learning, training and education (Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes), and for immersive 3D data visualisations (Datascapes), using both conventional 2D displays and virtual reality headsets.

We also use our 3D immersive environment skills to develop a range of affordable B2B and B2C Virtual Reality solutions, including Photospheres for location tours, 3D Product Catalogues, and 3D Learning and Exploration spaces - all of which can be delivered to a user's smartphone, and viewed either with or without a Google Cardboard VR headset (£10 on Amazon).

We also offer a range of Consulting Services to help you better understand emerging technologies such as virtual reality, immersive environments, augmented reality and virtual worlds.

This slide-deck provides a useful introduction to 3D data visualisation and Datascape. It covers the main controls for Datascapes and provides examples of some of the main visualisation types that can be created with it. Datascape Introduction from D…

In this post we'll show you the basic workflow in Datascape so that you can get a good idea of how it works.1. Choose a WorkspaceThe workspace defines the backdrop and axes. As well as standard XYZ axes you can also have a world map (or in fact a panel wit…

After almost 2 years of work, some of it funded through an InnovateUK project with partner IGI, we have today released Datascape 2.0 into the wild.Building on our experience with Datascape 1 (which was written in Unity) Datascape 2 is a completely re-writt…

Starting from where Tutorial 5 left off, this tutorial shows you how to add shapes, point colour and link colour to improve the visual look of the graph and show more aspects of the data it represents. The video then shows you how to add a web link to each…

Datascape 2.0 - 3D Data Visualisation

We've just released version 2.0 of Datascape, our 3D immersive data visualisation and visual analytics application. Datascape let's you visualise and interact with over 15 million* data points within a limitless 3D space - enabling you to maximise the ability of the eye and brain to detect patterns and anomalies within almost any kind of data.

Read more about Datascape, watch some video examples, and download your free 30-day trial. Do get in touch if you'd like more information, to find out about volume discounts and enterprise licences, or to ask about our consultancy and training services to support Datascape.

*Depends on PC and graphics processor. PC only, no Mac or Linux version.

Daden are a company who understands and works with higher education and whilst also supporting and guiding us towards innovative solutions
Maggi Savin-Baden : Professor of Higher Education Research, University of Coventry

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