Virtual Reality and Photospheres
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Fieldscapes and FieldscapesVR
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Daden are specialists in developing immersive 3D applications for marketing, learning, training and education (Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes), and for immersive 3D data visualisations (Datascapes), using both conventional 2D displays and virtual reality headsets.

We also use our 3D immersive environment skills to develop a range of affordable B2B and B2C Virtual Reality solutions, including Photospheres for location tours, 3D Product Catalogues, and 3D Learning and Exploration spaces - all of which can be delivered to a user's smartphone, and viewed either with or without a Google Cardboard VR headset (£10 on Amazon).

We also offer a range of Consulting Services to help you better understand emerging technologies such as virtual reality, immersive environments, augmented reality and virtual worlds.

David's two Brighttalk webinars are now available for you to view for free and at your leisure:VR in Education: Moving the Classroom to Mars (and other field trips)!Using Virtual and Augmented Reality as Data Visualisation EnvironmentsEnjoy, and we'd welco…

Whilst prepping the slides for last week's Brighttalk 3D Dataviz Webinar (watch it now) I started to put together a taxonomy of 3D data visualisation.The starting point is a 3D plot - we are plotting data against 3 axes, not 2.There is then a big divide b…

Back when we did some of the original research work and testing on immersive 3D data visualisation that led to Datascape we developed this "benefits escalator" to show the increasing possible benefits of moving visualisation away from 2D graphs to immersiv…

We've updated our Immersive Visual Analytics White paper - first published in 2012. The updates reflect our experiences with visual analytics through Datascape 1 since then, market developments such as the rise of VR, and the new opportunities opened up by…

Daden have two talks at the forthcoming Brighttalk "Brave New World: Augmented and Virtual Reality" webinar summit taking place on 13th & 14th September.At 3pm (UK Time), 13th Sept David is talking about "VR in Education: Moving the Classroom to Mars (and …

Datascape 2.0 - 3D Data Visualisation

We've just released version 2.0 of Datascape, our 3D immersive data visualisation and visual analytics application. Datascape let's you visualise and interact with over 15 million* data points within a limitless 3D space - enabling you to maximise the ability of the eye and brain to detect patterns and anomalies within almost any kind of data.

Read more about Datascape, watch some video examples, and download your free 30-day trial. Do get in touch if you'd like more information, to find out about volume discounts and enterprise licences, or to ask about our consultancy and training services to support Datascape.

*Depends on PC and graphics processor. PC only, no Mac or Linux version.

Daden are using Unity in one of the most unique ways I have seen.
Davey Jackson : Director of Simulation & Visualization, Unity Technologies

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