Virtual Reality and Photospheres
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Fieldscapes and FieldscapesVR
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Daden are specialists in developing immersive 3D applications for marketing, learning, training and education (Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes), and for immersive 3D data visualisations (Datascapes), using both conventional 2D displays and virtual reality headsets.

We also use our 3D immersive environment skills to develop a range of affordable B2B and B2C Virtual Reality solutions, including Photospheres for location tours, 3D Product Catalogues, and 3D Learning and Exploration spaces - all of which can be delivered to a user's smartphone, and viewed either with or without a Google Cardboard VR headset (£10 on Amazon).

We also offer a range of Consulting Services to help you better understand emerging technologies such as virtual reality, immersive environments, augmented reality and virtual worlds.

This new feature in Fieldscapes is probably better covered by a blog post rather than a video. With Fieldscapes one of the things that we are trying to do is create a 3D immersive learning environment, player app and authoring app that build on all the goo…

In the next beta release of Datascape we're adding a wider set of 3D objects, adding a variety of "everyday items" to the base list of platonic solids and other marker variations. The initial list of extra objects looks like this:BicycleCarComputerDhowFact…

We've posted up two new videos to show you how to use variables in Fieldscapes. More to follow as this is an important area to create more complex exercises. The first video gives a basic introduction to variables in Fieldscapes and shows how they can…

This video shows how a dataset can be dynamically filtered (what we call scrubbing) by using a set of sliders to set up a range of values for a field to include, and then also being able to slide that window through the data.

We've put together a short video showing how the Fieldscapes Editor can be used to create a very simple "Hello World" type exercise. Even though it's short it introduces you to most of the basic concepts of how the editor works:- Everything is tied to a lo…

We've started posting 30 second Datascape videos up to Twitter. So as to make them more generally available we're now also posting them up to our Datascape channel on You Tube. There are 4 snippets so far:Closest StarsRefugee DataGuide Lines and rotating c…

We've posted up our first video of the Explorer app from the Fieldscapes project - showing a field trip to the moon! Fieldscapes: Apollo Educate (work in progress) from DadenMedia on Vimeo.It's all very much work in progress but hopefully gives you …

VR Photosphere Virtual Tours App

We've just completed a photospheres virtual reality app for Innovation Birmingham Campus for their new iCentrum building. The app lets you step through half a dozen locations in the building, each with audio narration, and view an information zone with further details about the project. The app will be used by the iCentrum business development team to win new tenants, and they will also be mailing out branded Google Cardboards to key contacts.

The app works on Android and iOS. It also works with or without Google Cardboard. Visit the Play Store or App Store and search for icentrumvr to download the free app.

Read more about photosphere apps, and get in touch if you'd like us to build one for you.

It’s a really useful tool. It’s much better to be able to actually perform treatments rather than just talk about it. Everyone is online at the same time so you can bounce ideas off each other and make an informed decision.
Fiona Cropp : 2nd Year Paramedic Student, St George’s Hospital

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