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Our immersive solutions:

TRAININGSCAPES - immersive learning environments for training, education and mobile learning. Read more about Trainingscapes and Mobilescapes...

DATASCAPE - 3D immersive visual analytics, optimising the display of data for analysis and greater understanding. Read more about Datascape...

BUILDINGSCAPES - environments for exploring the social dimensions of a build for consultaion, planning, training and security management. Read more about Buildingscapes

We also offer a range of Consulting Services to help you better understand emerging technologies such as virtual reality, immersive environments, augmented reality and virtual worlds.

Latest News

New Datascape Examples Video

We've just put together a new video of some of the datasets and projects we've used Datascape on over the last year or so. Enjoy! Datascape 2014 from DadenMedia on Vimeo. … [Read More...]