WebXR is an emerging standard which lets us build 3D Headset VR experience in a web page. You use the browser in your VR headset to go to the page, then click on Enter VR and the 2D browser disappears and you are in a fully-fledged 3D VR environment.

To try out our Solar System Playground in WebXR just use the browser in your WebXR compatible VR headset to get to this page, and then click on the link below. Once the new page loads just click on the Enter VR button. 

Solar System Playground

Note that whilst the page will open in an ordinary browser you won't be able to do much. But watch the video here to get an idea:

The main features are:

  • Set sizes of planets to linear or log scale

  • Set orbit sizes to linear or log scale

  • Just grab hold of a planet to bring it up close to look at it, and turn it over in your "hands"

  • Display labels on planets and/or audio naming as you click on them

  • Randomise planet positions, sort them into order, and then have your solution scored

  • Hide the floor (not for those with vertigo!)

  • Move with joystick or by clicking on the footsteps

  • Set sizes and orbit sizes to "real" values, scaled to the sun. This make things VERY small and VERY spread out. There's a guideline to help you find all the planets, and Pluto (and maybe Neptune) might actually be outside of the "star" bubble - feels very otherworldly that far out!


Note that this is still a work-in-progress and may have a few bugs, but with World Space Week happening and lots of us in some sort of lockdown we thought it a good time to get it out!

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