About Daden

Daden specialises in 3D, VR and AI, and we've been working with these technologies for over 15 years. For immersive experiences we design for 3D first, VR second (from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift/Quest) - this means that every student or employee can gain the benefits of 3D whether or not they have a virtual reality headset. Our work in this area is informed by over 10 years of working in 3D immersive environments for learning and education in virtual worlds such as Second Life prior to the current explosion in virtual reality which is having to re-learn much of what was discovered in SL during 2004-2014. In fact our experience in 3D environments dates back to the mid 90s and technologies such as Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) and spaces such as Worlds Apart and ActiveWorlds. Our immersive learning projects have twice been winning entries Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Use of ICT.

Our experience in chatbots and conversational has similar deep roots, starting again in the mid/late 90s, working initially in Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) before developing our own conversational AI engine which we used on projects as diverse as an Arabic chatbot for Islamic education and a talking guide for the new Library of Birmingham. One of our projects on embodying chatbots in virtual worlds was a finalist in the BCS Machine Intelligence competition, and we have completed two covert modified Turing Tests, one of which fooled 78% of users and the other 100%!


We are research driven, having completed over a dozen R&D projects for the MOD and InnovateUK. We frequently collaborate with Universities, and much of our work has been published in peer-reviewed papers, at conferences, and as book chapters.

We are based in Birmingham in the UK, at the city's leading tech-hub, Innovation Birmingham Campus.

Our Team

Our team brings together a range of technical, UX, UI & 3D design, AI and learning skills in order to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients, and to maintain our reputation for original and innovative thought and development.

Daden was founded and is still owned and led by David Burden. David has been involved in AI, VR and immersive environments since the 1990s. David set up Daden Limited in 2004 to help organisations explore and exploit the social and commercial potential of using chatbots, AI and virtual environments. David and his team have delivered over 50 immersive learning and chatbot projects for clients across the globe. David has led collaborative research projects funded by InnovateUK and the MOD, and Daden have won prizes for their work in the UK and USA, and have worked for clients as far afield as Oman and Hong Kong. David was a finalist in BCS’s Machine Intelligence competition, spoke at the inaugural TEDxBrum on Digital Immortality and has authored over a dozen papers on virtual worlds and AI and recently published a book with Taylor & Francis New York on virtual humans.

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ResearchGate is also the best place for Daden's peer-reviewed work.


Our Work

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