Daden has been delivering immersive 3D and chatbot solutions for over a decade. Our focus is on how these technologies can help you deliver better outcomes for your customers, your staff and your organisation. We offer solutions in 3 main areas:
Immersive 3D/VR Training


Immersive 3D and VR based training complements physical, on-site training and eLearning as part of a blended training and education programme.


Trainingscape is our cloud-based a service which lets you create and share 3D and VR immersive training exercises throughout your organisation. Trainingscape has an easy-to-use editor which lets trainers and subject matter experts create their own training exercises on any topic, at any level.



Chatbots enable you to provide a more human, conversational interface to your systems - enabling users to find information faster, and allowing them to develop a more personal relationship with the service.

We primarily focus on how to use chatbots for employee support - such as virtual trainers, mentors and life-coaches, and for corporate and personal knowledge management.

Bespoke Development and Consulting

As well as our product-based solutions Daden has a long history of bespoke developments and consultancy assignments, typically dealing with leading edge technologies and challenging environments. 


As well as work on mobile systems we have also worked with 3D/VR data visualisation, and have links to several live demos on our web site.


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