Daden is a small specialist consultancy researching and advising on immersive 3D and chatbot/conversational AI solutions for over a decade. Our focus is on how these technologies can help you deliver better outcomes for your customers, your staff and your organisation. We are active in 3 main areas:
Virtual Reality


Headset and Desktop based Virtual Reality enables uses to be not only immersed within an environment, but also to feel presence, embodiment and agency. All of these make VR a powerful environment within which to learn, train, collaborate, socialise and explore.  

We can help you understand the psychological and pedagogic basis for immersive 3D, understand the key design decisions, and appreciate the affordances of the different platforms and approaches which are available.

Beyond that we can put VR into the context of virtual worlds and the "metaverse", and help you leverage over 20 years of experience within these environments.

Virtual Humans


Chatbots seems to tame a name for what interests us about virtual beings with whom you can talk, train and even play. 

We primarily focus on how you can use virtual humans for training (typically within virtual reality environments), for employee support - such as virtual mentors and assistants, and most powerfully how virtual humans could be the future of corporate and personal knowledge management.

And by the way we did write the book on it.

Scenario Gaming

Wargaming is a term with a lot of baggage. We prefer scenario-gaming as that is what it's really all about - here's a scenario (be it military, civil or even personal) now how would you (and your team) deal with it.

As well as the more traditional aspects of wargaming we are particularly interested in the intersection between scenario gaming, virtual reality and virtual beings, from immersive 3D environments as virtual war-rooms to having virtual beings participate as characters, and even players, within the scenario.

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About Us

Daden was founded in 2004 (and is still run) by me, David Burden. I have been working with chatbots and 3D immersive environments for almost  25 years. In 2021 I transitioned Daden from being a VR/chatbot software development and solutions company to being my own personal consultancy, dedicating to bring my extensive experience in these innovative and challenging technologies to a wider audience through primarily knowledge-led engagements - helping you to better understand them, use them to the best effect within your organisation, and avoiding the pitfalls and problems that they can bring. 

 If you need help in understanding what VR, immersive environments, virtual humans, chatbots and scenario gaming are all about then get in contact, and check out the following services...


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