Daden is a small specialist consultancy researching and advising on immersive 3D and chatbot/conversational AI solutions for over a decade. Our focus is on how these technologies can help you deliver better outcomes for your customers, your staff and your organisation. We are active in 3 main areas:
Immersive 3D/VR Consulting


Immersive 3D and VR based training complements physical, on-site training and eLearning as part of a blended training and education programme.


We can help you understand the pedagogic basis for immersive 3D learning, understand the key design decisions, and appreciate the affordances of the different platforms and approaches which are available.

Chatbots & Conversational AI Consulting


Chatbots enable you to provide a more human, conversational interface to your systems - enabling users to find information faster, and allowing them to develop a more personal relationship with the service.

We primarily focus on how to use chatbots for employee support - such as virtual trainers, mentors and life-coaches, and for corporate and personal knowledge management.

Bespoke Development

As well as our consultancy work Daden can also undertake bespoke development for for proof-of-concept and research projects within our specialist areas of 3D/VR virtual environments and conversational AI/chatbots.. 

As well as these areas we have also worked on mobile systems and 3D/VR data visualisation, and have links to several live demos on our web site.


Latest News....

New to immersive 3D and VR?


Read our introductions below for more information on key concepts such as Immersive 3D, VR/AR/MR, VR headsets, Social Virtual Worlds and WebXR.

Immersive 3D vs
Virtual Reality


Learn about the differences between immersive 3D and virtual reality, and between VR, MR, AR and 360 and the strengths that each offers to virtual training

Social Virtual Worlds


Social Virtual Worlds are environments which provide a multi-user immersive 3D/VR capability out the box.


WebXR is the underlying technology which lets us deliver immersive 3D and VR experience to 2D screens or VR headsets in the browser, without downloads.

About Us

Daden was founded (and is still run) by David Burden and has been working with chatbots and 3D immersive environments for over 15 years. We work on the basis of 3D then VR. Whilst we love VR we're also realists, and we know that it will be a long time until everyone has access to VR, and even then there a lot of use cases (sat on the sofa, on the train, in a busy office) where using VR just won't be practicable. But you can get a lot of the same benefits by using a 3D application with your ordinary computer, tablet or smartphone. So you don't have to wait for VR, start using 3D now, and just step up to virtual reality headsets when you want to.

 If you need help in understanding what VR, immersive environments and chatbots are all about then get in contact, and check out the following services...


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